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Star Wars: The Old Republic - F2P Extends to level 50

Star Wars: The Old Republic is growing their free-to-play design from unlimited as much as degree Fifteen in order to limitless as much as degree 50. I don't believe this truly comes as a surprise to anybody, but it makes me wonder, what exactly is it going to take for an MMO to achieve success?

It is obviously a business model that lots of businesses have been having issues with, using the just clear "winner" becoming World of Warcraft. You could argue EverQuest is another "winner", but I not convinced gives exactly the same success because WoW.

WoW is actually clearly a good "old timer" in the MMO style. You will find better created, more interesting, an appealing video games which have been released but none of them share the actual significant "take my personal cash Inch style of gamer that WoW enjoys. SWTOR is a great sci-fi MMO that marries MMO stylings with a decent single-player encounter. Prices isn't any different, and yet individuals nevertheless throw their cash from WoW whilst other, much better video games endure.

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