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Star Wars: The Old Republic - LucasArts and EA sign global distribution agreement

Electronic Arts has noted in a press release on a new distribution agreement with LucasArts. The agreement concerns the global distribution and marketing of the online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Repuclic (SWTOR).

The new distribution agreement for SWTOR following, the future only EA will be responsible for sales and marketing. They decided to take this step to increase efficiency in production and sales, says the associated press release by Electronic Arts. LucasArts will occur continue to be involved as partners and licensors. On financial aspects of the agreement no statements were made.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is to shake up the genre of MMOGs. EA describes the game as one of the most anticipated games of next year. It has already received over 60 awards at various exhibitions, including at E3 and GamesCom. In addition to the known elements of online games such as combat, exploration and character-evaluation comes to the story in SWTOR. The back story for the online game is to make previous games in the shadows and pass by miles. Players will experience an age in the game to see where Darth Vader is not on the horizon was. Thousands of years before, the factions of the Old Republic and Sith Empire are in the fight and divide the galaxy.

For players and fans who are waiting for the online game, this changes nothing first, except perhaps that EA in terms of marketing still goes to work a little more aggressive to the success of this long-running theme of a helping hand.

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