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Star Wars The Old Republic is in Trouble Now

Less than a year's time since the game Star Wars: The Old Republic was released in December, 2011, gamers have known for months that it is in trouble. Those of us who have played SW:TOR from the Buy swtor credits beginning have seen more of our friends and guild mates disappear from the game every day. Over the last seven months, since the game launched in December, 2011, many guilds have slowly faded out of existence, as most of their members cancelled subscriptions and quit playing.

Sadly, our worst fears were verified on July 25, 2012, with this shocking comment at the end of an article in Time Magazine. The article concluded with this dismal statement about Star Wars: The Old Republic: "With EA's (Electronic Arts) Star Wars MMORPG, The Old Republic, losing subscribers by the hundreds of thousands, now might be the time for World of Warcraft to get some of its mojo back." While it is exciting to see MMORPGS Swtor Credits mentioned in Time Magazine, this was not the sort of news gamers hoped to read.

Making matters even worse, the quote from Mr. Wagstaff was a retread of an earlier comment from Forbes Magazine, on July 18, 2012. It contained this discouraging comment: "Star Wars: The Old Republic has quietly faded into the background lately in terms of generating news. Last we heard a few months back, the game was shedding subscribers by the hundreds of thousands and considering a free-to-play option. Since then, all has been quiet."

SW: TOR will probably survive and remain somewhat profitable, but it isn't the world-beater we all hoped it would become, when we first heard about Star Wars: The Old Republic, seven long years ago.

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