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Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Rising on the Game Rank

After the new F2P model was introduced into the famous MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic's, it seems like that the game was definitely save by that model. Anyway, since BioWare won't really tell us population info and other stats, that those statistics are likely based on xfire user info gained from the xfire chat client.

However, we have to know that it would only represent xfire users that play SWTOR, so it's a very small sample. It can still tell something from that, though.

We don't have the chart here but it is said that buy swtor eu credits saw a jump when it went free to play and if it stays this way for the next few days and even weeks, then that is a good sign that the game is gaining momentum. If you're not new to SWTOR and you've been around since the beginning, this still benefits you.

In fact, more players means more people to do things with and it also means more money and resources being put into making the game great. So seeing that graph climb more and more over the next few days and weeks will give us some indication that the new free to play model did create a burst in the game.

While there was already a slight climb before the 16th, we definitely see that the F2P release correlated with a huge climb in the charts. What do you think? Will the increase continue for SWTOR?

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