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Swto you can only create one character per server

The leader of the guild Inquisition, Paragus, made a detailed review of the game with a beta test. The article describes the main advantages and disadvantages of the game, unlike other MMORPGs Swtor, user interface and combat system, the development of the characters, the school system is full of magic and loot. I recommend reading.
Swtor Online - the game is not for everyone. The very structure of the game is that you're either going to love Swtor, or hate - it all depends on your style of play: If you are casual player who does not like the hard pvp in mmo games, or do you expect from a super graphics, play Swtor will be problematic. On the other hand, fans of Ultima Online, or scope - in Swtor Online you will find elements of your favorite games and lots of new things that will capture not just grab your attention.
Swtor is very different from the majority of multiplayer games. The game is based for the development of specific skills, has no character levels, there are no experience points, and all development is the use of certain skills. The game is set around an open PvP system with a full-loot. This means that at the death of the mobs or other players, all of your items will be able to lift the other players. Different races, as it were divide players on the community team, where a race can easily kill players of a different race. But PvP is open and possible murder of the players of your race. Freedom to choose your path in Swtor is yours.

Actions give rise to the investigation. Thus, in the murder of the players on your team, your karma will deteriorate and become red, your game will be different from the path of those who choose to cooperate with the players of his race. Unlike other MMOs, in Swto you can only create one character per server, that is, choosing the way your PC, you will not be able to choose another character and choose a different path of development. In the game there is no language barrier and the players of one race will be able to freely communicate with other players.

Character creation is simple. Options are few more games WoW and WAR, but many smaller AOC. You can choose your swtor credits sale face, hair, beard and mustache, jewelry or a ring in your nose :). Select the size of the character will not work. After choosing the appearance you have to enter a name and a surname. Start the game in one of three towns near the capital of your race. The inventory will be only the starting gun. In the starting town and the surrounding area small pumping station, making the terrain as it were abandoned.

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