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SWTOR - New Game Contents Are Coming!

As you may have already known, according to the leak from the patch 1.4 of SWTOR, there may be a ton of new content coming very soon to the game. These new content will make this game bigger and better than ever. But it is not clear about how soon these new additions may be coming.

From new vanity pets and mounts to new daily quests and a new world boss, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the future of SWTOR. The leak was first published on SWTOR's official forums, and a complete list of what was discovered is below.

According to the leak, there are six new daily quests outlined for both the Empire and Republic, in a new Daily Area, "Section X" on Belsavis. The new world boss will be located in this area and is named Dreadtooth. He'll be involved in three missions and there are four new codex entries involving him.

So that's why there's been a lot of talk about the new HK-51 companion, and the leak details a lot of new information about how you can expect to be using him. From certain items he'll be able to equip to likes and dislikes, you can start getting familiar with the popular droid now.

Besides these, there are also new space missions coming, and not just a few. Almost 40 new space missions are detailed in the leak. There are also over 40 new vanity pets on the horizon, 13 new mounts, and a new ship upgrades tier.

I know all of this information will encourage players of SWTOR, but again, the exact date for these new additions is unknown. But with BioWare's promise to release new content every six weeks, maybe we won't have to wait too long.

Therefore, as for all those new things talked above, which of them are you most looking forward to? Or are you just excited about all the new contents of the game?Know more about Swtor news!

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