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SWTOR Free-to-Play: End of Era or Not

Recently, we have seen a title saying that the free to play mode of SWTOR is more likely an end of era. It was very professional, and now, we have some other ideas about the issue, personally.

As we all know, the Star Wars: The Old Republic is a game at war with itself. It is an incredibly ambitious, even audacious attempt to fuse two disparate elements of RPGs into one all-things-to-all-men whole, and for that reason the "it's just Warcraft in space" dismissals are desperately myopic. SWTOR enjoyed a high reputation.

What's more, the game changes in an instant from your game to everyone's game; its chatty cut-scenes, moral dilemmas and dramatic score disappear, other players flood your screen with emotes and chatter and shooting roaming mercenaries before you can get to them. You start to feel very, very small, like when dreamy Professor Brian Cox goes off on one about how none of swtor items us humans are worth anything more than dust in the grand galactic scheme of things. In this aspect, it is also a story of ours.

In fact, whether SWTOR is any good or not is academic at this stage. It's a supertanker that can't turn fast, a holiday resort built in boom times. With its brand and the hype, it's likely to succeed; but it's almost certainly the last of its kind.

However, we don't think that the new F2P model is the end of all these things. In fact, it can save the whole game and keep it alive for all of us players. And if only the game isn't dead, the epic of SWTOR will not stop.

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