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SWTOR Free-to-play Mode Will Retain All Your Gear and Characters

We all know the video game Stars Wars the Old Republic of course if you are a MMO game player like I do. And we also know the currently situation about the game now. Since it was released, the SWTOR has being rapidly picked upon the internet. This is a multiplayer role playing game which has caught the swtor credits attention of the many gamers around the world. But now, the game and its developer Bioware are in a tough trip and the game is going to be F2P.

Obviously, the news that Star Wars: The Old Republic would add a free-to-play model this fall naturally stoked many questions from current subscribers of the PC MMORPG. BioWare answered many of those questions in a Q&A session on Friday including whether players would get to keep all their gear and characters if they switch from a paid subscription to free-to-play.

Among all those questions, one of the questions submitted to BioWare asked, "So if I cancel/switch to the Free-to-Play option are you going to automatically delete all my Rakata/War Hero gear?"

However, the Lead Designer Damion Schubert replied, "You will retain your gear." This is apparently the best news for all the SWTOR players.

Moreover, Schubert also confirmed that all of the characters that paying subscribers to SWTOR currently own will be retained if they switch to a free-to-play subscription. "You can still use those characters in the active slots you have as a Free-to-Play member," he explained.

Currently, Star Wars: The Old Republic allows for 8 character slots but free-to-play members will be limited to less than that. You'll swtor credits need to move any characters you want to play with to an active slot to play with it. Anyway, the game itself is still interesting and I’m sure there are still many fans of SWTOR will continue to love it.

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