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SWTOR Free To Play Test Serve Is Alive Now

These days we have seen much news about the free to play mode for the famous video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. However, what I am going to say is that you can really play the game for free now.

"Hello, Guinness Book Of Records? Was Star Wars: The Old Republic the fastest MMO to go from subs-based to free-to-play? Why yes, I could go away and do the most token amount of research instead, but I wanted to hear a human voice for a change. Also, can I have a pint of Guinness please? Yes, Extra Cold thanks."

I saw the above paragraph in a blog and I know that you can try out SWTOR's freeiness to playiness for yourself, albeit in a contained, reduced version, as the first vestiges of it are now live on that MMO folly's test server.

Of course, it's only a test and none of the buy swtor credits Cartel Coins – the new F2P in-game currency – earned/obtained on this practice run will carry over to the full game, nor will there be any effect on your 'live characters', but if you want to have an early Jedi Peek at how the new system works, go for it.

Testers will be "periodically granted a small amount of Cartel Coins for the purpose of testing the Cartel Market". So there'll be no buying currency as yet, but you can spend CCs on "several unlock, boosts, and Legacy perks." Just like in Star Wars! I think we all remember that bit where Luke bought a new hand for $7.99.

We can't change the real big world; however, we can change our own world in the life and in the game. I know you are now eager to try the F2P of SWTOR, you are definitely not alone. However, remember that this is just a test and we hope the real things won't keep us wait for long.

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