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SWTOR Goes Free This Fall after Its Player Number Crash

For Star Wars: The Old Republic, this is a tough year. It seems that the biggest reason for the trouble is because of the layoff. In fact, many companies are facing this problem now, but SWTOR is a typical case.

According to some reports, the famous video game Star Wars the Old Republic currently has less than a million Buy swtor credits subscribers. This is undoubtedly another hit for BioWare, the developer for this game.

In case of you don't know, BioWare's massively multiplayer online role-playing game has been hemorrhaging subscribers since it launched last December. Earlier this year, the subscriber total dropped from 1.7 million to 1.3 million. EA did not give the number of current The Old Republic subscribers, though the company said it's "well over" 500,000.

Though it will come as no surprise to most gamers, EA and BioWare have announced today that they are planning to integrate a free-to-play system into the existing subscriber-based model of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

But there is also good news for SWTOR players. It is said that the game is going free to play. They've said the change will be coming this fall as The Old Republic will become a hybrid F2P game similar to highly successful F2P transition of Lord of the Rings Online. The subscription option will still exist, and those players will be essentially treated as VIPs and given an allowance of money to spend in the online store.

However, players will then able Cheap swtor credits  to download and play the game for free up to level 50 if that's the route they choose. They'll also be able to unlock specific restrictions individually. In such a troublesome situation, we can't deny that the game is innocent and we players still love it.

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