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Swtor is all about choice

A team isn't finished creating a massively multiplayer game, therefore we want to take this opportunity to show just a little info on exactly what the group is focusing on for areas coming in the near future. The focal points have been, and will continue being, dependent off of the suggestions we obtain from our gamers.

Brand new Content -- We are including new content material towards the galaxy on an continuing basis. These types of worlds will include Procedures, Flashpoints and single content material.
Guild Functionality - Guilds are important to the long-term wellness associated with a MMORPG. There exists a huge list of guild centric functions. This is a continuing effort which will most likely never end. Guild banking institutions are the initial factor we'll end up being delivering within our plans with regard to increased guild performance. Eventually we actually wish to provide about the promise of the actual lengthy hinted at Guild Capital Ships.
UI customization -- You like option. We hear you! Swtor is all about choice. Being able to select the way you connect to a web-based sport is something we're feeling is essential. We will be giving more control over the User interface as an ongoing work. This is a huge priority for all of us.
PvP - We now have a whole group dedicated to adding content material as well as functions in order to player vs. player. We have some of the very skilled PvP developers in the world on this group. To date very few individuals have observed, or know a lot about the stunning Open up World PvP upon Ilum; when you are getting to the higher amounts prepare to become blown away! In addition to that higher level PvP content material, expect brand new Warzones and brand new PvP functions on a regular basis.
Space Fight - We'll still include missions towards the space sport. We have a unique project going on at this time that will increase room gameplay in a significant way... for now the details will need to stay under systems.
Legacy Program -- The ability to pick a surname for the personality is only the start of something larger. Soon, the actual Heritage encounter and levels you get will grant your characters access to swtor credits sell, items along with other cool benefits.
And more -We have an whole team associated with designers focusing on future content. Right now we are centered on nothing else however Star Wars: The Old Republic, so anticipate brand new and cool things.
It is fair to express that we are just like excited when you are concerning the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Not only shall we be starting among the biggest and many remarkable games ever created, however we're also excited about the chance associated with continuing to work on the game so you, the actual followers, will invariably have something brave as well as incredible to enjoy. Thank you for actively playing."

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