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SWTOR: Is Cartel Market A Bit Overdone

It seems that some players of SWTOR are somehow not go for it of the newly released update 1.6 for this game. Some even said that the update, which was supposed to be a saver of swtor credits selling, is actually a step backwards. I saw a thread in the official forums is like this:

"Bioware, you're going too far with the Cartel Market. We're not only paying for the right to run raids and warzones, we're also paying to get cool loot. That is the point at the end of the day. Instead, you're putting all the cool loot in the Cartel Market and leaving the game we pay $15/month to play extremely stale.

I've been a rabid support of this game for a long time now, spending 7 months in beta and constantly telling people to be patient with your efforts. Well, my patience is running a bit thin now."

Of course there are some players agree with this. They think that the Cartel Market is a poor show from Bioware EA. However, as for me, I still think that we don't have any rights to blame any people because nobody is forcing us to buy anything. If you don't like, then quit.

So what do you think? Do you agree with any of these opinions here?

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