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SWTOR: Is It Wrong to Be Free to Play

Since the famous MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic has been free to play, the controversies began. Some players love the free to play model of course, but there are also many players think it is wrong to be free.

"Despite The Old Republic failing to grab me during its initial launch I was willing to check out its new F2P option. I thought SWTOR was going to adopt a free-to-play model, and now I'm back in the game. Since it went F2P, I've spent some time in the game, and can now offer some impressions," a player wrote in a blog.

We have to admit that right from the outset, you're bombarded with the many awesome features that paying customers get access to, including the different playable races for the classes. We can fully understand that BioWare and EA have to make money somehow, but beating players over the head with it just seems wrong, don't you think so?

What's more, it seems that all the problems we talked before the F2P, they still exist. There are hardcore gamers out there, but they can't support something like this on their own.

And more importantly, the game is now technically free to play, but swtor power leveling players said that it might be better described as "free to play if you don't actually want to play the game."

So is it actually wrong to be free to play, or it is the F2P restricts that make the model wrong? Tell me what you think about this.

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