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SWTOR Is Still Worth to Play

Star Wars: The Old Republic was a truly popular game for most gamers; however, it is never now. As you may know, the player base of SWTOR is decreasing quickly and now the game is finally free swtor credits to play.

Therefore, I think I should make a list for all the reasons that the game is still interesting, for there are so many doom-and-gloom surrounding SWTOR. Despite the various issues with SWTOR, it's still very much a game worth playing and I honestly wish I had more time to put in it lately. Let's look at why it is still worth playing.

Firstly, you shouldn't forget that it's still Star Wars. You had to have seen this one coming, but since it's a given. Face it, being able to live out your Star Wars fantasy is a legitimate hook and SWTOR does this pretty well on most counts. Sure, it's not as expansive as Star Wars Galaxies, but the focus on storyline brings the various Star Wars archetypes to life and helps cultivate a sense of personal attachment. This goes a long way in making the game feel like a believable Star Wars experience.

Secondly, you can't deny that the PvP in SWTOR is still fun. The warzone introduced with Update 1.2 is still tons of fun, and the original rotation is still worth spending your time cracking some skulls in. The 1.3 Update has expanded the same-faction lineup by including Alderaan Civil War, so there's some good stuff to look forward to there.

The last but the most important point is that the game is now free to play. In fact, this step really shows that the F2P business model is superior to subscription-based. It has huge advantages for both publishers and players. Players can play a game for free and have the freedom to choose if and how much they would like to pay.

So that's the whole thing, the game is still worth playing although it is now free to play. This is considered as the game maker's last choice to keep the game alive but it never means buy swtor credits that the game is over. It still interesting and if you don't trust me, just have a try.


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