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SWTOR Next Story Arc Hinted by BioWare Writer

If you saw my title here very clearly and you still clicked to see the detailed things, I think you are a hardcore Swtor Power Leveling player. And if you are, I have some really interesting news for you. They are about the next story arc of our beloved game.

I probably have already told you before, in a recent interview, BioWare writer Hall Hood hinted of a future story update involving an uprising Hutt Cartel and a mysterious "Shroud" for the Star Wars: The Old Republic.

"They're about to unleash something terrible that only the galaxy's most powerful defenders have any hope of stopping. If I tell you any more, the Shroud will have me eliminated for talking. Who is this Shroud? Oh, you'll see."

As we all know that the famous game maker BioWare had announced in August that the SWTOR would be going free-to-play. And this all happened on the November 15th.

Personally, I think SWTOR is one of the most critically-acclaimed MMOs of all time. It had won MSNBC's 'Game of the Year' award in 2011, 'Editor's Choice' awards from IGN and PC Gamer, and 'Best MMO of 2011'. So, why not we become hopeful for the next epic of Old Republic?

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