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SWTOR Patch 1.4 New Features and Q+A Full Interview

Sometimes I really get tired of writing those same things about the famous MMO game Star Wars: The Old Republic. I feel nothing to talk about when I really want to play it instead of writing about it. However, work is work and we have no choice, right?

Anyway, let's get into the main topic today. As we all know, MMOs sometimes skimp on quality-of-life features in favor of combat. Fortunately Star Wars: The Old Republic's 1.4 patch is looking at the little things.

According to a new post on the game's website, the update adds a new group finder teleport back function as well as delayed binding for those times when you accidentally roll greed or spend your hard-earned commendations on the wrong item. Finally, the patch brings companion customization tweaks to the table as well. You can hide helmets and "unify colors to chest" to avoid those god-awful mismatched swtor credits sale outfits.

In addition to the new adds, BioWare recently held a Q+A, covering a wide variety of topics on their subscription-turning-F2P. Darth Hater was not only kind enough to record the entire thing, but they also recapped the important information that was said.

So here are the details of it. Free to play players will not have rest experience, but will get mid level gear sets and experience boosts. BioWare will test F2P before the official launch on the public test server. Paid character transfers and hood toggles are planned for the future. HK-51 is coming before the end of the year and Cathar are coming when they're ready.

As for the free-to-play store, it's planned that it will have pets, mounts, non-endgame gear, class/faction unrestricted items, and grab-bag packs of random items. The idea of the F2P store is to have cool items, but not powerful stuff.

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