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SWTOR Patch 1.6: Ancient Hypergate Warzone Is Coming

We actually had discussed about this yesterday, however, since I have ran out of things to write about, please just forgive me to pick the old topic, it is not that old, though. Anyway, it's about the ancient Hypergate PvP warzone in cheap swtor credits patch 1.6.

According to BioWare, the anticipated Ancient Hypergate Warzone forSWTOR's PvP pugilists will be available today as a part of patch 1.6. Subscribers can warp in straight away after routine maintenance ends at 6am PST/2pm GMT, and free-to-play warriors will have to plunk down Cartel Coins for access.

The Hypergate's objectives involve powering each side's Stargate-like portal through a most maliciously medieval energy source: the souls of the slain. Pile up the corpse count high enough, and your team can call in "deadly reinforcements" through the gate which presumably are Anubis aliens and a very confused James Spader.

In addition to the warzone, the patch 1.6 also introduces six new heroic space missions and improves the Group Finder tool's usability with recommended gear level indicators for tougher Flashpoints.

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