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SWTOR Potential F2P Changes on the Test Server

As you may also know, the famous MMO game Star Wars: The Old Republic players are checking out the game's potential free-to-play changes on the test server now. And they seriously concern about some of the restrictions have prompted a response from BioWare. I saw this today on the official forum.

Damion Schubert, the Lead Designer of the game, wrote a long forum post to state that the team's been observing the test server and has decided to make a few changes to the F2P restrictions. Particularly, free players will now get two quick bars instead of one, can experience five PvP warzones a week instead of three, and will find the temporary lock timer for items bought in the cash shop buy swtor credits reduced. Here is the original text:

"We've been observing PTS closely over the last few days. In that time, we have generally been very pleased with how well the build has been performing, as well as overall reaction to the build both on the boards and in-game. That being said, based on community and internal feedback here and further deliberation, we will in short order make the following changes to the Free to Play restrictions:

“Free-to-Play players will now get a second quick slot bar.
Free-to-Play players will now be able to do 5 Warzones per week instead of 3.
The Cartel Coin item lock will be reduced to 3 days for Free-to-Play players, and 2 days for subscribers."

That is to say, a more detailed post is incoming; it will spell out details for preferred status players. He also explained that it will not unbalance the game: "We're still philosophically avoiding putting any stat advantage at this level that subscribers cannot earn through reasonable normal play."

Anyway, apart from all these things in the SWTOR, the most anticipated part will be the F2P mode that is coming soon in the game. We are excited about this, are you?

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