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Swtor PVP data guide for beginners including Medals Valor Titles Gear

This data guide is written primarily for new players, because the dedicated player here all knows how to have fun.

                                 --Share from Powerleveling Team





 Swtor Valor Rank

 It is a kind of experience acquired while participating in PVP, which has an impact on the title held by the player, and rewards in the form of equipment, which you can arm yourself.  It can be earned mainly on warzone, Ranked warzone and Open World PvP (Ilum once). Level cap for Valor at the moment is 100. Warzone is the main Area you can level your valor rank, if you need Swtor credits, please feel free to contact our farming team. Now let’s check the data below:



LIST Titles: 


Titles get after each winning 10 levels

  • Valor: Skirmisher - Valor Rank 10 
  • Duelist - Valor Rank 20 
  • Gladiator - Valor Rank 30 
  • Centurion - Valor Rank 40 
  • Champion - Valor Rank 50 
  • Battle master - Valor Rank 60 
  • War Hero - Valor Rank 70 
  • Conqueror - Valor Rank 80 
  • Warlord - Valor Rank 90 
  • Elite Warlord - Valor Rank 100 



Implementation of predetermined performance at a General Meeting, will reward us an appropriate amount of medals, the first eight that we get gives us 250 Valor and 5 Komenda for each medal (up by 8) 


At the end of each General Meeting, the rank you get is depending on the number of medals you get: 


  • Gold ranking - get after winning 15 medals or more 
  • Silver ranking - get 8-14 after winning medals 
  • Bronze ranking - receive medals after winning 1-7  


We keep track of how many medals we at General Meeting checking out our buffs: 


For what you get individual medals? Check the list below: 


  • Dauntless I - 10 Minute Victory 
  • Dauntless II - 9 Minute Victory 
  • Dauntless III - 8 Minute Victory
  • Dauntless IV - 7 Minute Victory 
  • Dauntless V - 6 Minute Victory 
  • Dauntless VI - 5 Minute Victory 


  • Demolisher - 2.5k Damage Single hit 
  • Annihilator - 5K damage from a single attack 
  • Combatant - 75k Damage
  • Dealt Destroyer - 300k Damage Dealt 
  • Commando - 10 Kills 
  • Soldier - 25 Kills 
  • Quick Draw - 1 Killing
  • Blow Assassin - 1 Solo Kill 


  • Shield - 5k Defense 
  • Protector - 50k Defense 
  • Guardian - 2k Defense in 1 Life 
  • Paladin - 10k Defense in 1 Life 


  • Healer - 75k Healed Savior - 300k
  • Healed Medic - 2.5k Single Heal 
  • Trauma Surgeon - 5k Single Heal 


  • Basic Offense - 1k Attacker Points 
  • Offense Bronze - 3k Attacker Points 
  • Offense Silver - 5k Attacker Points 
  • Offense Gold - 7.5k Attacker Points 
  • Offense Platinum - 10k Attacker Points 
  • Offense Diamond - 15k Attacker Points 


  • Defense Basic - 1k Defender Points 
  • Defense Bronze - 3k Defender Points 
  • Defense Silver - 5k Defender Points 
  • Defense Gold - 7.5k Defender Points 
  • Defense Platinum - 10k Defender Points 
  • Defense Diamond - 15k Defender Points 



NOTICE: While every General Meeting so we can unlock. Icons appear on the screen shows every player taking part in the General Meeting. 


  • Unbeatable - when you unlock eight medals without dying. 
  • Invincible - when you unlock 14 medals without dying. 
  • Immortal - when you unlock 19 medals without dying. 





In this bar, it shows how much debuff a player has received which limit his movement (knock backs, stuns, etc.) before resistant works. Principle Resolve is rather complex, it refer to the ITEM detail.


In the next article, we will give you guys some advises about how to play easier in Warzone. At the end, please allow me to introduce our powerleveling service, feel free to check it here.


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