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SWTOR Server Maintenance Started on 18th September

We had already talked about the new server for Star Wars: The Old Republic in the last several posts. And now, the game's maintenance begins. For us SWTOR fans, it is always a good new to know that the game is getting more and more interesting.

As you may already know, yesterday SWTOR had finally shut down several servers in favor of packing players on a smaller number of larger servers. Characters remaining on origin servers were moved to high population destination servers regardless of subscription status.

In order to log in the game, gamers Swtor Credits have to sort the server list by the number of characters to find out where their characters were placed. If there is a red explanation point next to the name of a character on the character selection screen then the player needs to change that character's name in order to play.

Of course there are so many benefits to pushing everyone on a handful of servers. The group finder will see more turnaround, warzones will queue quicker, the game will look healthier, and social butterflies can enjoy the crowds. There is a downside, though.

In fact, as I am also a hardcore of MMOs, I think SWTOR is more enjoyable with fewer people around. The leveling experience is smoother, the game runs better, and there are less stressful situations for those who only want to quest. With a role-playing game, there is a lot of meaning behind a name; losing one is annoying. And this should be aware by more MMO games.

Good MMO games should be able to experience the verification of time, and SWTOR is just one of these games. Since it was firstly released, it was loved by so many MMO fans. There were some problems that had troubled the game and its developer, though. I know it's going to be more interesting after this time's maintenance.

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