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SWTOR Update 1.4 Has Improved Overall Quality of Life for Players

Several days ago, the famous video game developer BioWare has released the patch 1.4 for it's title Star Wars: The Old Republic. This patch, personally, will be a huge step for the game because it is going to improve the overall quality of life for its player, according to an official post for the game.

According to the official post, some much needed love has given in a few areas swtor credits for SWTOR with the 1.4: Terror from Beyond update. In update 1.4, players were offered a teleport back to their adventuring location when they leave the Flashpoint by any means. The improvements also include a 2-hour delay to binding items, character companion customization options and new character mood facial settings.

Delayed Binding
In Game Update 1.4, players can address many issues. Bind on Pickup and Bind on Legacy items will now have a 2 hour limit in which they can be exchanged. If they were a loot item, you can freely give the item to any party member who was in on the kill and therefore eligible to loot the item.

In Game Update 1.4, you can set your character's mood for example his facial expression. This is really fun. As an example of this, try typing/alarmed or /cheery. This will set your character's facial expression permanently. The full list of moods you can choose will appear in the emote browser attached to your chat window.

Group Finder Teleport Back
The top complaint about the Group Finder when we shipped it was that it did not send you back to where you were originally adventuring when you completed the content.

Companion Customization Improvements
Finally, the game's update 1.4 players can hide the helmet, or unify colors to chest, for their companion's gear. That means there are no more mismatched or silly outfits now.

I don't know if you are still playing SWTOR, but if you are playing or just start to play, this is the best time.

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