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SWTOR Would Have Been Far Better

Firstly, I have to admit that all the things that have been said here are useless because SWTOR is now like this and it will be a long way if the developers want to improve.

In fact, this game could have been far better if things are going well enough. We all know that hindsight is always a great thing and it's easy to see why buy swtor eu credits was made as an MMO. BioWare also wanted to make SWTOR great, nobody doubts. Whatever the case, it now is very clear that the game would've been far better as an RPG launching with:

Two player characters Sith and Jedi with a choice if you want to go down either the Knight/Warrior or Consular/Inquisitor paths.

Probably less planets and more a linear story-driven scripted progression through them with real choices and consequences.

Probably less incidental quests i.e. just the class quests and the main planet story thread quests.

Each side would have the choice of two different stories each depending on what path you choose.

If the game went well, then extra class stories and extensions to your class quests.

The current Flashpoints would be like some of the class quest instances.

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