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SWTOR Writer Talks about the Future Plans

Recently the swtor credits items eu lead writer had a interview with a very famous game media. During this interview, he talked about the future plans for this game. I guess you may be interested in this, so I attached it here.

Basically, we all know that MMO players look forward to live events and I was personally surprised at how many people scrambled to find the new content when the Grand Acquisitions Race was announced.

However, a couple of years ago before the game released, Daniel Erickson said not to expect holiday live events in The Old Republic. So we are still curious about what can we look forward to as far as live events are concerned before the end of the year. Here is the writer’s answer:

"Our events are meant to surprise players with exciting new opportunities and adventures, so we don't like to reveal our plans in advance. However, everyone on the design team is just as passionate about these special events as our players are, and we plan to have lots of fun content like that in the future."

He also said that for decades since the Sith Empire returned to war against the Republic, the Hutt Cartel has been content to watch from the sidelines and profit from the chaos. That is all about to change, and the fallout from the Hutts' actions will have long-term consequences for the entire galaxy.

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