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SWTOR: You Have to Do More than Copy to Beat the Best

I have been played the SWTOR for a long time and I did take some lessons in the game. And one of them is that you have to do more than copy in order to beat the best.

Every time we talked about SWTOR, it's clear that its direct competition is Activision's World of Warcraft. With the power of Star Wars, they were aiming to unseat the almost decade-long buy swtor items champ of the genre. Unfortunately, the chief complaint from many longtime MMO players about SWTOR ended up being that it was much too similar to WoW in too many ways.

SWTOR had the leg up by cramming in a million cut scenes to the game, their unique hook attempting to be "story." But soon players realized that when only one out of twenty fetch quests had a remotely interesting back-story attached, all that hard work of recording thousands of hours of voiceovers went to waste as the scenes were simply skipped past.

In fact, personally, I think that it may have been a risk to innovate in more ways, as they didn't want to scare off WoW players by being TOO different. But staying too close to the older game left almost no one saying that SWTOR was pushing the genre forward, and it cost them in the end.

Anyway, SWTOR is definitely a good MMO and you really should give it a try if you haven't yet. However, just like I said, learn lessons and don't just play for nothing.

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