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Tell Me How to Level Fast in Guild Wars 2

Although the video game Guild Wars 2 has not officially been released, we can find leveling guides on the internet. Don't think these guides are useless because the game itself hasn't been released yet because there are already many times' of beta events and tests for the game and some buy guild wars 2 gold people are truly genius in playing video games. Therefore, if you want to level up quickly in the upcoming Guild Wars 2, you'd better read this.

Firstly, each profession in the game obviously has its own unique set of skills, but the skills are all attained in different ways. The skills you will be making use of the most are based off the weapons you have in hand - holding a sword in your right hand lets you slash a foe while holding a pistol in your left lets you fire a shot off at the same time, for example.

Also, each profession is limited to what weapons are available to them and are suited to them, too. I mean, a Thief trying to be stealthy with a hammer twice his size is going to have everyone staring at him thinking "What a strange man! I won't go up with him!"

What's more, Weapon skills are the easiest to gain and you'll have them maxed out by a very low character level, because like every sword master, once you smack enough things in the face with a sword you start getting pretty good with it. Basically the more you use a weapon, the more skills you unlock. Next are your 'Utility' skills - these you will purchase with skill points that you gain from leveling or completing skill challenges.

Finally, the aspect that will make your character much more unique is the 'Trait guild wars 2 gold system.' As you level, you will gain 'Trait points' that you can spend on 'Trait lines.' These will then unlock new aspects to your character, like faster movement with a sword, or the ability to cripple foes with an arrow shot to the knee.

I can't confirm that these guides can make you become the best player, but why don't you just have a try?

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