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Tentative Idea for PVP only Server in Fallen Earth

I have to say that this is just my tentative idea so this is not count at all unless they can really take this into their considerations. But I truly think that having to go to a certain area where you can kill people is cool and all for the people such as me who do not PvP often.

I said this because I know once the developers really made it, we can enjoy the game without worrying about someone taking our gear every 5 minutes. Am I right? So why not make an extreme difficulty server where hardened PvP veterans can go to test their mettle? Here are some ideas about buying fallen earth chips.

1.) You must have a character level 55 in the regular server to create a new character in the PvP server. This would be cry-babies who would complain about getting killed when they pop out of the vault.

2.) Players have PvP immunity for 3 minutes after respawning or entering the game.

3.) Players lose a random piece of gear when killed by a mob.

4.) Players can loot a random piece of equipment or item from a player they kill.

5.) Of course, the entire map is PvP, no set zones.

6.) Death toll items are more expensive.

7.) No player auction. Players must craft their own equipment.

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