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TERA Interview with David

  "Eureka!" With TERA. It is a game where you really have to observe the enemy, not only different blocks of life, cooldown times, and messages of add-ons for raiding. Go breath of fresh air!You can experience the tera gold game.

  A few days later, I became employee No. 10 at En Masse, entrusted with the task of "westernize" not yet finished a game for players like me who want something other than an MMO.

  Quick Lesson jargon Westernization is two steps beyond the translation and the localization step. The goal is to make the game a real experience for a Western player, with all that entails. Westernization means build on the cultural and mythological foundation correct. This means adhering to the Western gambling patterns. And, fundamentally, is writing ... million words of writing.

  Westernization is also a balancing act. TERA is a dangerous place full of exotic creatures, and we want to keep that sense of wonder and surprise. This is not a traditional game with goblins, trolls, unicorns, after all. We're not changing history in the Korean game as much as we are adding things to it. I am in constant contact with my counterparts in Korea and are walking with us every step of the road. (That's good. I need people who can moderate my crazy ideas.)

  You will hear much from me as we continue our work of Westernization of TERA. I would leave you with two thoughts about this initial post:

    * One of the things we do is to rename elements of the game: characters, places, skills, and so on. When you find something of the Korean version of the game, you get excited ... but you identify with some specific names. Our work on "Terminology of the Game" is both art and science, and therefore the terms are constantly changing. Our writers have designed everything from the military structures of the Federation to the names Valkyon Popori, a huge task which is only just beginning.

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