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The aion bugs' stories

Over the past few weeks, it became clear that fraudsters in Aion Online almost in despair. NCSoft cut off tens of thousands of bots accounts and accounts that engaged in trade game money for real. So they try to fill the loss stole your account. Not bad, eh? Well, what else can you expect from criminals?
New film by James Cameron (James Cameron) "Avatar", which had a very great success throughout the world, had not gone past the universe, Aion Online. Recently, fans of the film presented the public screenshots of characters created in the image and likeness of race Na'vi.
Administration foreign Portal laid out the new wallpaper from Aion Online, performed independently on the basis of the recently released trailer Visions of Aion. Despite the fact that the quality of some of the wallpaper is very poor, they really were very bright, and, we hope, will come to you liking.
The developers have noticed that due to the bug in the siege of certain players from the server Azphel recently received more than 34 trillion Quinara. Needless to say that when these players were giving away Quinara right and left, worked alarm, which led to a huge number of automatic ban.


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