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The Best Guide of Jedi Sage Healing for SWTOR Players

First of all, I have to honestly admit I haven't tried this guide before, but I will once I have time to play SWTOR because it seems like a really good guide. Although the SWTOR is not as popular as it was firstly released, there are still many swtor credits players love it. Anyway, it is a thing that makes people feels better about the game.

So let's go the main topic today. It's about the Jedi Sage Healing. I know some SWTOR players may choose to play healing spec of the Jedi Sage. Healers are very popular in the game, as they are extremely helpful for raids, flashpoints, heroics, instances and PVP. After players have chosen to be a healer, they should learn the way to improve their healing skills effectively and play as a healer effectively.

In fact, as you may not know, the most basic and essential thing for Jedi Sage healers who want to do healing effectively is to build their characters properly. If they can build their characters in the right way, they can increase their healing output a lot, and they can get some crucial and extremely useful talents to do healing much better in the game.

After level 50, Jedi Sage healers will get a lot of healing abilities to keep their teammates alive, but this is not enough. They need something more powerful to put an end to the fight. Players should know the particular role and the best using situations of all abilities. They are all different and unique in the game.

The first healing ability players can get is Benevolence, and they need to level higher to get other healing abilities in the game. Before that, players have to use it to do healing, and they can spam it for 14 or 15 times at most in a row before depleting the force bar. However, every time they spam it won’t output much healing effect.

As we all know that when players get to higher levels, they can get the Deliverance healing ability. Then, players should stop using Benevolence, because it can do too little healing, although it can be cast fast. Force Armor, Rejuvenate and the swtor credits Conveyance abilities are also a better ability than Benevolence.

Like I said before, I didn’t try the guide before. So if it is useful, just tell me about it.

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