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The Best Way to Farm SWTOR Credits Is Space Combat

You may have seen so many guides on the internet telling you how to farm SWTOR credits in the game. Have you ever think about why? In fact, it is the credits that make the galaxy go around in SWTOR. You cannot do anything without SWTOR credits in the game. There is no free item in SWTOR. So that's swtor creditswhy you need as more SWTOR credits as possible.

Then what do you often do to get the credits? I know maybe you can farm credits by playing the Galactic Trade Network, chest farming, crew skills and planetary daily quests, but the most effective method is to farm credits through space combat. And the following is the reasons about this.

Firstly of all, and probably the biggest reason, is that it will save a lot of your in-game time. You can engage in as many space combat missions as you wish from the cockpit. Then, you do not need to worry about other players will grab your resources when you are running around because there is no competition for resources in space combat. Third, you can do the space combat missions repeatedly if you want. The last reason is that if you have your own spaceship, you can do the space combat missions at all level ranges. See, that's the magic of get credits by space combat.

However, these are not about all. When you do the space combat missions in SWTOR, you also can earn fleet commendations besides credits. You can spend the fleet commendations on storage boxes and ship upgrades. You can sell these storage boxes to a vendor in a high price.

Therefore, you should be aware that farming credits through space combat is buy swtor credits a safe and low-risk method in SWTOR. If you take the higher level missions, you can get higher rewards. And you will finally find that you are definitely a rich man in the SWTOR through space combats!


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