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The comprehensive introduction on Gathering in Darkfall Online

All players are granted with several gathering skills by default when starting out in Darkfall. Players are able to make a decent amount of income by gathering resources and gathering resources is needed both in crafting and city building for clans. Please keep in mind that all resources nodes have a maximum amount of resources that can be used out. Once they are depleted, it is quick slow for them to regenerate new resources.
Rock and metal nodes are the two main resources that can be minded. They perform in their own way:
Rock nodes are used to produce stone. Those stones are produced to primarily build city, and gems are produced to mainly use in crafting. Normal metal nodes will yield iron ore that can be smelted in iron ingots, or sulfur which is a reagent is used in spell casting.
You are required to wield a pickaxe in the case you want to mine nay of these nodes. The way to mine is like this: you walk up to the node, then press R to unsheathe the pickaxe, and left-click your mouse while you are aiming at the node. By doing so, any yield will go directly to your backpack.
You can set up stone mines and metal mines in some clan cities and hamlets. Compared with the yield from normal nodes, the yield from these nodes is significantly higher. Rare resources can be used to craft some of the premier items in Darkfall online . Your yield potential dependents on your mining skill.
The above is the comprehensive introduction on Gathering in Darkfall Online.

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