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The issues with FFXIV are too numerous to solve

The prospective target audience want to know , isn't FFXIV forum-goers; it is directed at those who are not actively playing FFXIV whatsoever simply because they noticed this had a terrible launch, but are wondering if they ought to provide an opportunity at this time after Ten months. They would discover there is a "miracle patch" in route, however or else, no, very little has transformed from the unhappy launch. There is no arguing that.

I'm able to sympathize that the change this game requirements will take time to do right. However will a fresh fight system truly hinder the required fixes to making linkshells work correctly? Or even adding useful player research functions? Or perhaps lastly making your way around to that AH the players would like? Maybe a delivery system of some type?

It serves to remind all of us that several months has transpired and what can we say is considerably different? The actual guaranteed moused-based User interface becoming worked on through their finest FFXII professional seems to have evaporated.

The marketplace Wards are marginally functional, but they still accident frequently and have miles to go before like the actual usefulness of FFXI's Oh. A few User interface improvements happen to be made here and there, but there's definitely absolutely nothing award-winning or innovative about it, and you are nevertheless mostly just a few the controller regardless of this particular being, at the moment, a good solely Computer sport.

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