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The method of stores as Meteria was important in FFXIV

The method of stores as Meteria was important in FFXIV -- this had become the energy by which the planet was attempted to be destroyed. It was through which the planet had been attempted to be preserved. It had been the primary tool the primary characters used to advance on their own above the rank and file. And Huge variations of these had been actually tried to be used as weapons by the enemy. That didn't take away from the additional factors of the game, it put in each level and even information in it. 

But all this is actually distracting from the point that FFIX and cheap ffxiv items reveal the same high quality to be fanservice titles - that may and can make a number of nods in order to previous payments. You might not like it, however, you will not be stopping this, a great idea is cozy with it.

It did not avoid FFIX through being a good title on its own right also it won't prevent FFXIV through doing the same, for me. There will be a lot that makes FFXIV distinctive in the own service.

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