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The most lucrative source of income in aion

More and more it becomes clear: The most lucrative source of income is clearly the grinding of monaters in the Abyss.
We had already reported that the sale of stigma Hards - which can earn at the Fortress guards drop a lot. Now, however, becoming clear: The other drops are valuable. To reach items such as "Boiling Balaur Blood Stain", which are needed for different Crafts, now up to 300,000 pieces per Kinah!
If we really have free rein, is now earning a small fortune:) This is unfortunately all too often not possible. More and more players reach the max level and are just waiting that they grind the player the other group caught in the Abyss in order to kill that very.
Who does not like it, which of course is still the possibility that required Kinah to simply buy RandyRun. Meanwhile, 1 million is Aion Kinah has already below 4 dollars.

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