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The new information of FFXIV

The Final Fantasy XIV game sucked me in full for several days can not come off (really overcast). Nothing like I have not seen a long time, and better projects, so in general no. Graphics Porn, the best I've seen at all in any game (Crysis rest)! I play for ... Elezen, and therefore dwell in the ancient majestic forest. Nature sounds (by the way, the sound of a full 3d - the enemy is tracked very well) ...

Under the feet of thousands of flowers in the air, pollen and petals. Damn, it must be seen. Monsters are great, no other word to choose: the scale of battles is impressive. The plot (yes, present in the game story) knows how to surprise - it's FINAL FANTASY. All shortcomings, which is credited with the game - bullshit. No sane course? Xs what to do? Not a problem for players with a decent MMORPG experience and downs in the game has nothing to do - for them is easier proctitis .

I have absolutely no difficulty in order to understand the UI. It took me about 10 seconds to figure out how to put all attacking the girl fell from the sky clearly Aggressive minded wolves (or whoever it was there) with ffxiv gil . As a drag on the hotbar skills and how to use the equipment. UI, of course, not the most convenient, but not cause of irritation.

I honestly can not imagine what must be an idiot to not be able to understand it. Nevertheless, I have seen on YouTube, as a player, has died, could not figure out how to rise again. He did log-off then back Login ... A click on the "rise" umishka not enough. But once: "Management shit" ... Here such here intellectually deprived people and put the ratings of 30%. And then there is the type Grafa. In the eyes of the project is not vidili, but their estimates put the ...

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