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The overall style of playing for each class in Aion

From the very first launch of online game Aion to be determined, any character class to play. This paper deals with the overall style of play for each class. In Aion implemented four main class archetypes MMORPG: warrior, Pathfinder, Mage and Priest. Warriors tank, Pathfinders cause damage in close combat, Magee issuing damage spells from a distance, and the priests of all treated. Here are the most common descriptions and labels that can be hung on each of these classes. Fortunately, the game does not stop there. The implementation classes Aion adheres to strict framework (a departure from the standard is achieved only through the use of stigma for access to new skills). In Aion will not be the same opportunities of personal customization of its class, which offers players, for example, World of Warcraft.
But there is no essential need. Instead, each class from the very beginning is endowed with a large range of abilities, and only depends on the player, as he proposed orders. For example, almost every class has some minimal ability to care. Four start class as it develops, provide an opportunity to choose one of eight specializations. So soldiers could become the Guardians, or gladiators; Pathfinders - the killer or arrows; Wizards - wizards or spellcasters, Priests - healers or sorcerers.

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