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The Reasons Why I Still Love SWTOR

Star Wars: The Old Republic is now free to play. We all know that this is the last choice to save the whole game. However, I really like the game so much that I have to say something about the game now.

For many video game players, SWTOR is definitely a great game. At its core, it is the spiritual successor to one of the best story-driven swtor credits games I've ever played. Based on the quests and story lines that I've experienced in playing SWTOR, I can safely say that the writing team at BioWare has done an excellent job creating an engaging story with great character dialogue throughout. I've thoroughly enjoyed nearly every conversation that I've experienced in the game thus far.

I really love the personal story in the game. Having a story that is unique to each character class made creating alts in SWTOR exciting and fresh. The writing for each of the class stories is crisp, tight, and true to the spirit of the class. The dialogue choices all fit the responses you'd expect to come from a Smuggler, Jedi, Trooper, slightly insane Sith, etc.

Who doesn't enjoy pushing an enemy to the ground with their mind and then using their glow-y energy sword to make them regret their life decisions? One of my favorite PC games series is the Jedi Knight series, the hallmark of which is getting a stable of Force abilities as well as a saber and cutting through swaths of Storm troopers. While SWTOR is less action-oriented than Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, both games still share that Jedi-goodness.

Anyway, SWTOR is definitely an excellent game because the game is still has a strong player database. There are still so many players love buy swtor credits the game's story and way of combating. Although the game is now free to play, I sure there must be more players get into the game, and once you do it, you will fall in love with it.

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