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The role of Open communication and interactivity for e-business

The success of your business is deeply rooted in the importance of customer service. According to our many years of e-business experiences,, good customer service means responsiveness. It means you understand, anticipate and respond quickly to the needs of your customers.
The two elements open communication and interactivity can make your e-business shine once you pay particular attention to this areas.
Open Communication: it means your customers should always be able to contact you immediately, and you must be easily accessible to them. This is a very important area which helps you earn your customers’ trust once you do well. In order to have open communication, you must consider the following points.
1: Visibility. It means your business
contact information should be available anywhere your customers are likely to access your e-business. It is vital to have easily available e-mail link.
2.Emial lists. They make you can maintain your visibility with your clients or customers while providing important information to them.
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3. Autoresponders. Autoresponders can help you give your customers as much information as possible. It works like this: when your customer sends an email to your autoresponder it can send back any appropriate information automatically. There is no hassles, no delay by using this. There is just instant responsiveness to your customers needs. Our company,, has installed this, and our customers appreciate that very much.
Interactively is element two. Your customers want you to know how they feel about your e-business. You increase the likelihood of an exchange of information by increasing the ease of interactivity with your customers.
This can be achieved in the way: incentives.
It is vital to your customers a chance to interact with you, at the same it is also very important to reward them for doing that. It is every effective way to gain their loyalty.
The elements are crucial to your good customer service. What you need to do is to listen to your customers, and respond. Take their concerns and needs seriously, and act accordingly.
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