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The same purchasing system as Diablo 3

Nicely I'm not sure how hard this would be to do, following hours of considering this is actually the only Concept We created Diablo 3 has a marketplace the different options are Gold in for much better items.

So I was convinced that PoE might have something similar. Make a foreign currency preferably within sport just and permit us to spend which on items users post on the market. Provides new players a decent boost in the game.

It might wreck the game truthfully... Ah is the destroyer of ARPG'S, in-game gold would become instantly useless just like it's within Diablo 3 where you need Five thousand Trillion gold to buy an item worth 20$.

It's easier to simply make it feasible in order to farm your own equipment, instead of having spend in order to win system in such as Diablo 3.

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