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The Schedule for the Lost Shores Revealed in Guild Wars 2

Remember we told you last time saying that there will be a second major update by ArenaNet this month for Guild Wars 2? Now the developers are revealing the detailed schedule for it. Believe it or not, it must be fun.

Therefore, if you're a Guild Wars 2 fan, you probably don't want to miss a minute of the upcoming Lost Shores event. Of course, that means you need a little time to plan your days - beg off of visiting relatives, pretend you're sick for work, stock up on canned food, and so forth.

In foresight of precisely this eventuality, gw 2 gold items the Guild Wars 2 community team has revealed the event's schedule so that everyone can prepare accordingly before this one-time event goes live.

The full schedule is like this: At 3 p.m. EST on November 16th, the first event chain will kick off. This will be followed by another kickoff event on November 17th and a final culmination on November 18th, both mirroring the 3 p.m. EST start time.

While the 16th and 17th will still have content for players who miss the starting bell, the 18th's event will run for several hours and will not come back around, meaning that if you only catch one part of the event, be there for the ending.

We are now definitely excited about this and we know many players are also like us. There are still more than ten days left and we hope they will pass quickly.

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