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The Star Trek Online Mission

As an example, I can even perform the mission on the planet P'Jem. Trek should all be known to this planet by the Vulcans, as they have on this planet for them very important monastery. If you warp in this system, you will receive quite ringing a call for help from the planet. Klingons have occupied  sto credits    the monastery and to free the task of this course is just to you. But to come to the monastery you must first remove the Klingon ships in the system and soon you find yourself with them in battle. For the game play and difficulty, I can say that it adapts to the incoming group of players. Will you come to own, you have to do mostly with smaller ships to most frigates. trust you as part of a group of several players who are the enemy squadron already some pretty hard lumps. Then in the heavier groups of enemies appear battleships, battle cruisers, destroyers, and others. When entering the system and the start of a mission in this another feature of sto credits added. The "open grouping" I would call the times. Penetrated and you alone in a system start to a mission and come later in the course of this mission added another player, this occurs automatically in your group. This has already led to a nasty surprise when one of our closed beta testers, who happened to be right in the enemy's battle with four frigates, got help from the rest of us and looked suddenly exposed to the fire of four cruiser / battle cruiser. This naturally led to an almost immediate destruction of his ship. Other consequences as a 15 second time ongoing but had not. At least there was still no CB in the death penalty or the like. This can be circumvented by defining the social contact group formation properties of the screen itself. By default, there is the so-called open group, as described above. Other settings are closed group or group training upon request. So no problem to adjust it. When we had fought through the system, then came the next task section of this mission. We had to beam us on the planet and leave in ground combat, the switch is located on the ground Klingons. The outside team is basically made up of players present in the group and is filled with bridge officers to a thickness of five people. This exchange between space combat and ground mission occur quite frequently in Star Trek Online and contribute to the entertainment level of the game to be further strengthened. Equipped with different weapons and abilities you can access a wide range of opportunities to draw, to do the ground missions. Some engineering bridge officers have set as an example the ability of a mine barrier in front of the group. Then, when the Klingon NSC in the melee haste they usually do a bad surprise. Even with the different weapons you can find plenty of choice. There are stun guns that can make the splash damage, dish out the high spike damage, and many others. If you've got a mission, then complete, returns a special feature of STO. You do not have back or only in very rare cases to the quest giver. This is usually designed so that you just by contact with the Star fleet HQ, reported test of your success, and therefore immediately get the reward and the connection missions. I find this solution really awesome because it saves a lot of maturity and therefore the game play's real limited. As a reward you get skill points for your character and special skill points for their own bridge officers. Usually there is this or any piece of equipment for the characters or for your own ship. Less often get special training for the player character to pay off the most or other bridge officers. During the missions, you will also find prey that is in a ground mission between the different players but can differ quite easily. Hovers above the ground a white ball after killing an opponent, this booty is not for you. the color of this ball is a bright, bright yellow, then you can go with this grinning face and collect. In space, there is also this distinction. Your loot is always shining in bright yellow colors displayed here and you have to have you make the effort and flying in the vicinity to collect them. Furthermore, you'll see quite often prey and thus the inventory of the vessel filled and therefore fast. But do not despair, here the developers have come up with something very nice. Down in the inventory is a replicator. If you click it, shows the own dealer. At least I would call then another. A screen pops up with the selection of "buy" to "sell" or on. Here you have to do is press the button and sell a list to be sold with the objects of your inventory.

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