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The steps you should take at the very beginning of darkfall online

After you create your character, you choose one of the three starting villages of your races to start out the game. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the controls first. Then you should talk to the village counselor and takes the quests he offers you. The first few quests he offered you have to do with killing goblins. For you at the current level, this is a good way to make some gold and to e\get some starting equipment. After killing a goblin, you can acquire a few gold and may be you will be awarded with better quality equipment. Since you have make some gold, you are suggested to bank your gold often. It is better to bank a few times too often than just one time too few.
After having your starting equipment, your next task have to do with hunting monsters. Killing them will make you be able to pick up better weapons such as a bow and a staff. Goblin Shamans drop staffs, and they are in need for you to cast magic. Although your starting spells are weak, but they are very useful. For example, the weak heal-self spell will cut down on your down-time, and the mana missile spell is useful to finish off fleeing monsters. you need not to worry about too much raising your magic ability when you start out in one of the three starting villages of your races. Worries can not solve any problems, since becoming a good mage in darkfall is a long and expensive process.


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