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Those Interesting Numbers behind Diablo III

Diablo III's selling phenomenon has also attracted the attention of well-known financial magazine "Forbes". They did an interesting report to sales data of Diablo III's first opening day. Blizzard announced that Diablo 3 had sold 3.5 million copies within 24 hours after its diablo 3 gold first sale, which created a new record in the history of best-selling PC games. 1.2 million Players of World of Warcraft were also join in the Diablo 3 through the official special promotions, which makes the number of players in the game's first day reached 4.6 million.

Diablo 3 can be regarded as the most anticipated game in this decade. More than 10 years after the sale of Diablo 2, there are still millions of diablo iii goldplayers active in the computers. Even one year after the sale of Diablo 2, the sale data is "only" 4 million. For gamers, this wait is long.

On the day of the sale of Diablo 3, Activision Blizzard's stock price rebounded somewhat to 1.1%.

The following is an interesting set of figures contrast:

Diablo 3 had sold 3.5 million copies within one day after its first sale, which beyond the "World of Warcraft" 20 Million.

At an average price of $60, Blizzard earned $210 million at that single day. It diablo 3 gold is even enough to give each employee of Blizzard 42000 dollars.

If we use Diablo 3 boxes to load gasoline, it's enough to fill up 7899 DeLorean cars and it can also fill 3567 refrigerators.

If we connected end to end of the Diablo III's boxes on its first day, it is sufficient to a round trip to the International Space Station.

The weight of all the Diablo 3 discs is equal to 550 male narwhal or 875 female narwhal, this weight is also equal to the sum of the diablo iii gold average weight of 8262 overweight players.

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