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Tips for Getting Your Character Name Reserved in Guild Wars 2

Are you eagerly waiting for the releasing of Guild Wars 2? Did you know you can reserve your Guild Wars 2 name before the game releases? All active players of Guild Wars will have their names reserved. An active player is anyone who logs to Guild Wars between January 1, 2012, and the day ArenaNet builds the name reservation system for Guild Wars 2.

When Guild Wars 2 releases, log in during the 3-day Headstart Access period or the official start day and claim your name. If you don't make it on during that time, you'll be too late. On the second day after release, ArenaNet indicates they'll release all the unclaimed Guild Wars names. Since there are over 20 million Guild Wars names, that's a good policy.

As you probably know, Guild Wars only accepts two words or more for character buy guild wars 2 gold names. (Names are restricted to 19 characters.) That means you can't reserve one-word names in Guild Wars. If you want to reserve a one-word name (No more Kingslayers, please.) you'll have to rush on during the Headstart Access period and grab it.

You have to make sure those following things to put your Guild Wars 2 character name reserved.

1. You can reserve your Guild Wars character names for Guild Wars 2.
2. You need an active Guild Wars account.
3. Active account: You logged to Guild Wars at least once since January 1, 2012.
4. Activate your Guild Wars account and reserve your character name simply my logging in.
5. Never played Guild Wars? You can still reserve character names if you buy the game and create characters.
6. Guild Wars character names are two words or more.
7. Guild Wars names are gw 2 gold 19 characters or less.
8. If you want a one-word name, you'll need to log to Guild Wars 2 during the Headstart Access period to reserve those.

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