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To create a mount in Darkfall Online

Actually, there are many forms to own mounts, purchasing them from a seller, taking from other players, and creating one yourself. The specific method to create one is described as follows.
To create a mount, you first need to find Steedgrass. Steedgrass is rare and finding it can take a while. Herb gathering is a good way to find steedgrass, and if you have luck on you side, you can get it in a short time. Once the steedgrass is found, you need to buy the taming skill and a taming whistle, which can be found at NPC vendors.
Once a mount figurine is created, it will show up in your backpack. In order to summon the mount, you need to look at the ground in frond of you where you want it to be. double-click the mount figurine in your backpack. Pay attention, anyone is allowed to rush up to your mount and steal it without penalty with the exception of you riding it. With that in mind, you should place it in a safe area far away from other players. Please do not leave it unattended.
It will slowly start getting weak going through the process of death when it is unattended and left spawned. If you lost connection, crash, or log out of the game while on a mount, the mount will stay behind in the world. Keep in mind quickly log back on to try to reclaim it.
To de-spawn a mount, head towards it while looking close at it, and press alternative use(default G) to make it into a figure against. The figurine will be put into your backpack.
As we mentioned early, mount can be steeled from others. Yes, it is correct. When you die and drop, others can loot it. Keep in mind carry it only when you use it, otherwise not. It is safe to Put it in your bank if you do not use it.
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