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TSW with a precious cargo of two hundred

The website of TV channel "Russia 1" published by the documentary film "Ghost Train. Mystery of Kolchak's gold."
Winter 1920. In Russia, the raging civil war. In Circum-Baikal Railway train rushes by. In cars - a gold reserve of the empire, captured by the army of Kolchak in Kazan. On the route of the gold mine train guerrillas of the Red Rocks. Once the train appears out of the tunnel, there is an explosion. Wagons with a precious cargo of two hundred tons of gold goes into the abyss of Lake Baikal.
Kolchak's gold - one of the most mysterious puzzles of the twentieth century. Over ninety years of unsuccessful tsw gold searching for a trainload of gold, the king turned into a real ghost train. But in September 2009, all news agencies Russia explode sensational news: the deep-sea expedition "Worlds on Lake Baikal" came out on the trail of the gold tier Kolchak.
During the year, the studio crew, "Russian Space Agency," a documentary led the investigation, participated in two expeditions in search of unique legendary treasure.
The film - breathtaking footage of diving in submersibles "Mir-1" and "Mir-2" at the bottom of Lake Baikal, full of dangers and adventures traveling on the ship with a private expedition divers through the winter stormy Lake Baikal, Irkutsk visit the prison, where he spent the last few days before his execution, Admiral Alexander Kolchak, as well as unique historical documents and newsreel footage showing the authenticity of the events of that time.

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