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Update 1.5 Hits Public Test Server of SWTOR

Many Star Wars: The Old Republic has a very large player base. Its players are from all over the world. I know it is rather hard recently because of the BioWare's staff turnover; however, the development team is still keeping working for the game.

As we all know, update 1.5 has now come to the Star Wars: The Old Republic test servers, opening up a new daily hub for players amongst other things. According to a new post, some of the new features are:

"New playable companion, HK-51 – Begin your journey to unlock one of the galaxies deadliest assassins.

Section X – Head to Belsavis to discover this new daily hub and learn what you can do to help stop the Dread Masters in their newest scheme.

Nightmare Mode Explosive Conflict – Take on even greater challenges in Explosive Conflict to earn the final pieces of the Dread Guard set and more."

Besides these things, a much more comprehensive list is also available on the forums, and it reveals further additions such as a new world boss, new items to purchase from the daily vendor, and various bug fixes.

Moreover, it should be noted that this is only open to players that "already have high level, copied characters on our Public Test Server," as this time the copying of new characters isn't available. No word on when this is likely to hit the live servers yet, but it's a pretty big update by the sounds of it and probably worth a go if you have existing characters ready.

Therefore, have you already tried the Swtor news features? How do you like them?

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