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Welcome to SWTOR Game Update 1.5

With the update 1.5 of SWTOR is finally here, and the Free-to-Play option has arrived! This is truly an awesome update. Or players who want to experience the dynamic world of SWTOR without committing to a monthly fee, there is a truly viable option to experience all of the incredible content the game has to offer.

As you may also have realized, many swtor credits farming new players are joining the game now, they're going to be looking for answers on how to play and enjoy the game. Seasoned vets of SWTOR know their way around things but what they may not know is how things have changed since the free to play model launched.

But for the F2P players, you should make clear of the restrictions also. F2p players get only 5 self-revives total and once you run out, you will need to buy more from the store or rez at a med center. This is a good reason for f2p gamers to group up and do things with other players to lower the risk of death. Play smart and be careful if you AFK that you are not in an area where you can be attacked.

In order to help F2P players, you can create your own custom server which you can use with no time limit restrictions and it allows server-wide talking. So here you can ask questions, make groups or whatever else you want to do.

Anyway, we hope that you will enjoy playing it as much as the game maker enjoyed creating this content.

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