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What Do You Think about the Hacking in DFUW

Every video game has hacking and botting problems as long as it is still played by many players. However, in the game of Darkfall: Unholy Wars, players seemed even more upset about this issue because there is no official statement ever from AV that shows their efforts to limit hacking in dfuw gold.

So in fact, I think this is the second or first thing that comes up with people who have heard about Darkfall but not played it or tried to play it and grew frustrated by the amount of hacking in game.

But there are also players who think this does not matter because they think that people make hacking seem like it's a big deal while it really isn't.

There were some eras where there were some hackers. Unfortunately, when you attract a PvP and community, you also attract hackers, and unfortunately, there is only so much AV can do. If people want hacks and there is a demand for hacks they will be around, especially when there are places like TSG who make a tidy profit from it.

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