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What Do You Think about the New UI in Darkfall UW

We have already watched the newly released video about the new user interface in the upcoming Darkfall: Unholy Wars. For the new changes of UI in the game, many players love them but there are also many players can't accept them.

"I can't believe how dark Tork Shaw's eyes look. This is seen in all the developer diaries. These devs are seriously working overtime. I feel like a slave master when I complain. Maybe I should be more grateful. But the bank is totally different. I swear to God, I will be so mad if the total amount of items in a bank is smaller in Unholy Wars and if the new bank system isn't an improvement," a player complained in the forums of Darkfall: Unholy Wars.

"I like the new video very much, but the system of backpack and bank is very crap. How do you survey of items now? When I came back from PvP with 10 looter bags and 100+ items, how can I sort them?" another darkfall items player said.

However, I don't know if AV will change the UI at last but I understand players' concern and it's good that we are trying to show it. The new system is there though and its not going to change back. Why not we just wait and see how it actually works and feels?

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